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Black Community Leaders Fund

Brief Description: 

Hosted by Philadelphia Foundation, the Black Community Leaders Fund fortifies Black-led nonprofit organizations serving Black communities in Greater Philadelphia. The goal is to build the resilience of Black-led nonprofits serving Black communities, ensuring they have stable leadership, operations and finances so they are better able to respond to and rebound from unexpected challenges. The Fund defines a Black-led nonprofit organization as having a chief executive or board chair who identifies as Black and a demonstrated commitment to Black leadership throuhgout the organization. Black-serving organizations meet the needs of a predominately Black constituency (51% or more).

The Fund supports:

  • Greater stability in nonprofit internal leadership, finances and operations;
  • Stronger capability of nonprofits to assess their impact on communities served; and
  • Broader ability of nonprofits to weather challenges.

Ultimately, Black-led, Black-serving nonprofits will be adequately resourced to deliver services to residents, contributing to a more vibrant, equitable Greater Philadelphia.

Application due dates 
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.  To be considered for a grant in:

  • September 2021, applications should be received by June 30; or
  • December 2021, applications should be received by September 30.

Additional details and instructions are posted HERE.


Speak with a Philadelphia Foundation team member first before applying. Use this link to schedule a conversation.

June 30 and September 30, 2021