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USArtists International Grant Program

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Administered by the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, the USArtists International program supports performances by American artists at important cultural festivals and arts marketplaces around the globe.

USAI encourages and promotes the vibrant diversity of American artists and creative expression in the performing arts by expanding opportunity and exposure to international audiences, encouraging international cultural exchange, and enhancing the creative and professional development of U.S.-based artists by providing connections with presenters, curators, and artists around the world.

Through the program, grants of up to $15,000 will be awarded to American dance, music, and theater ensembles and solo performers that have been invited to perform at international festivals and/or for performance engagements anywhere in the world (outside the U.S.) that represent an extraordinary career opportunity.

Applicants must be a professional dance, music, or theater ensemble or solo artist (including practitioners of folk and traditional forms) or be a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. If an ensemble, the majority of its members must be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. (whether a U.S.-based ensemble or a collaborative project with artists in the host country); and if a solo performer, he/she must be invited to perform as a soloist without accompaniment and be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.

To be eligible, festivals must be sponsored or organized primarily by a non-U.S.-based organization; be international in scope, with representation from at least two countries outside the host country, or have a U.S. theme with representation from at least three U.S. ensembles and/or solo artists; reach a wide audience and be open and marketed to the general public; provide some support in the form of cash remuneration or paid or in-kind contributions toward eligible project expenses; and provide the applicant with a signed letter of invitation or signed contract to perform.

DEADLINE: April 3, 2019 by 11:59 PM Eastern for projects taking place between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020. Certification Sheets and letters of invitation due by April 10, 2019.

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USArtists International: Am I eligible?
Sign up for the webinar on February 20, 2:30 – 3:30 PM ET | View a recording
USArtists International: Am I eligible? provides program information for solo artists and performing arts ensembles considering an application to the USArtists International grant program. The webinar highlights updates to the program guidelines. Get a clear idea about who and what type of projects USArtists International funds. New applicants, previous applicants, grantees and others interested in learning more about updates to the USAI program can benefit from this webinar.

USArtists International: Tips and Pointers for Applicants 
Sign up for the webinar on November 15, 2:00 – 3:15 PM ET | View a recording
This webinar is for artists planning to apply for USArtists International. The webinar reviews the online application, the panel process, and provides helpful tips to applicants interested in strengthening their applications and avoid common mistakes.


For more information, including program guidelines and the application form, see the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation website.


April 3, 2019 by 11:59 PM Eastern