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Valentine Foundation 2022 Grants

Brief Description: 

The Valentine Foundation is now accepting Letters of Intent (LOIs) for their 2022 grants. Valentine is committed to funding organizations and programs that make significant change in the social, economic, and political systems and institutions that impact women and girls, to make their lives more equitable. The foundation is especially interested in funding programs and organizations that support systemically underserved women and girls.

2022 Virtual Information Sessions

Valentine will be hosting two virtual (Zoom) information sessions for applicants:

Session 1: Monday August 8th at 9:00 AM
Meeting ID: 843 5989 6901
Passcode: 989257

Session 2: Thursday August 11th at 5:00 PM
Meeting ID: 859 1489 3606

If you are unable to make either scheduled Zoom meeting and have a question, please email


Visit Valentine Foundation's website for addtional information on the application process.

LOIs due August 31, 2022