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Sponsorship Opportunities

For more than 30 years, Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia has convened and connected the region’s funders as catalysts for positive action, innovation, and effective giving in our region. As the only membership organization for philanthropy in Greater Philadelphia, we provide our members with a unique forum to come together for local learning and for collaboration to increase the impact and effectiveness of regional giving.

Why partner with us?

Your support enables us to:

  • deliver new strategic and impactful programs
  • build deeper and more meaningful connections
  • facilitate collaboration and innovation
  • effectively advance philanthropy’s engagement in regional efforts
  • build more vibrant, equitable, and sustainable communities

Partnering with Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia will:

  • Position your organization as a leading supporter of the philanthropic community
  • Provide access to 140+ member organizations that invest more than $500 million annually in the Philadelphia region and beyond
  • Build brand awareness and align your brand with a highly-reputable organization in the philanthropic community
  • Offer networking and relationship-building opportunities with leadership of member organizations
  • Afford your organization with channels to deliver your services and to lend your expertise to members

Who should partner with us?

  • Current members seeking to deepen their commitment to Philanthropy Network and the philanthropic community
  • Organizations and consultants who serve the philanthropy community, including:

» Lawyers & Accountants
» Technology & Software Providers
» Financial Services & Investment Professionals
» Financial Institutions
» Consultants & Advisors

Sponsor Packages

Investing in Philanthropy Network’s bundled sponsorship offers the most value for your marketing dollar. For members, by combining your membership fee to Philanthropy Network together with your sponsorship, your company’s brand will be firmly positioned across the year’s best events and major communications. This means we will be asking for your support once a year, rather than different times throughout the year.

For more information about sponsorship, please contact Shira Hodges, Executive Vice President.