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About Us

In 1988, a handful of visionary leaders joined forces to advance philanthropy in Greater Philadelphia. Their goal: increase the impact of their giving to nurture a more vibrant region.

Today, the seed sown by those early pioneers has blossomed into the nearly 120-member-strong association we are today—Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia.

More than thirty years later, our core mission remains to strengthen philanthropy in order to create a more vibrant, resilient and equitable region. We continue to grow and evolve as we work to connect, convene, inform and lead in philanthropy’s ever-changing landscape.

Our Values

In 2019, Philanthropy Network's Board of Directors endorsed this set of values to guide our work:

  • Adaptive Leadership - taking action that is bold, nimble, and informed to seize opportunities and address the greatest challenges in our region.
  • Equity - using philanthropy intentionally as a tool to address structural racism and all other inequities.
  • Partnership - working with Philanthropy Network members and others to leverage resources, knowledge, and relationships while retaining the independence of individual organizational priorities.
  • Openness - working with community in a way that is participative, transparent, and inclusive.
  • Learning - learning from research, evidence, experimentation, and lived experiences to create systemic impact.
  • Stewardship - transparent, responsible stewardship of resources guided by high standards of integrity and accountability.