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Grantee Stories from COVID-19 Prevention & Response Fund

The COVID-19 Prevention & Response Fund was a community-led effort to invest in neighborhood-based solutions in response to urgent needs related to COVID-19. With support from more than a dozen funders, Philanthropy Network managed this collective action fund that was led by 15 Community Advisors from April through December 2021. We awarded three rounds of grants totaling $1,204,535 in general operating support to 133 nonprofits, small businesses and individuals providing neighborhood-based solutions to urgent needs related to COVID-19, and helping to increase vaccine education, awareness and access in their communities. Additional capacity support was provided to all awardees by Philly Counts.

Read more about the COVID-19 Prevention & Response Fund, and learn more about how the funding was distributed.

On this page, we are pleased to highlight some stories from the Fund’s grant recipients about their work and the impact they’ve had in their communities.

Brandywine Active Aging

"The elderly population needed more than [COVID-19 vaccine] education. They sought community, trust and understanding."

Health Care Solutions Vaccine Clinic

"By meeting people with understanding in places that felt safe, we built trust and educated in a way that dismantled misinformation and brought joy."

GALAEI yellow tees 2

"We hold the key...  And we, as the folks who are in charge at this point, have the ability to say, “This hasn’t been working, let’s try something new." "

Mt Pleasant

"It is our obligation to lift as we climb. To try to move things in a positive direction in which everyone is encompassed in the American dream."

Willow Grove CDC vaccine clinic

"All you can do is continue to have conversations and be encouraging. Have open dialogue with them, share as much information as you have, try to break up myths."

Asian Americans United students

"Our communities aren’t separate from us; they’re our families, the young people we work with in school every day. If it’s your community, you can’t step away from what’s impacting it."

Mighty Writers El Futuro

"We don’t see ourselves as any kind of public health organization; we’re just doing what needs to get done to serve our communities the most."