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COVID-19 Prevention & Response Fund Priority Funding Areas


Covid-19 Prevention & Response Fund Priority Funding Areas with Examples

Applicants to the fund must address at least one of the following areas:

In-depth education on COVID-19 prevention, vaccine safety and effectiveness, hesitancy and resistance (All information will need to follow either CDC, state health or county health departments) Note: Philly Counts will provide resource materials and trainings.
Example projects/strategies: 
  • Peer ambassadors; cultivating role models
  • Best practices around COVID-19 and after you have received the vaccine
  • Science and fact-based information on the pro’s and con’s of the vaccine and COVID-19
  • General education of COVID-19 prevention
  • Continue to update the community as new information is released
  • Host events
  • Zoom - large group education
  • Small group discussions
  • Fun fair activity around COVID-19 prevention
  • “Street Level” events led by neighborhood based connectors
  • General “Health Fair” 
  • Doing education sessions for schools and/or houses of worship
  • Role model campaigns
  • Health literacy classes
  • Contact tracing
  • Other
Supporting those with barriers gaining access to vaccinations
Example projects/strategies:
  • Transportation
  • In-language communication for immigrant communities
  • Technology support
  • Collaboration among groups to increase vaccinations
  • Funding organizations who are administering vaccinations for things like - line support, other counseling, registering, etc.
  • Stipends for volunteers
  • Bring vaccines to where the community members are 
  • Other
Providing resources, services and vaccine information to those communities experiencing financial, physical and mental health challenges due to or made worse by  COVID-19
Example projects/strategies:
  • Survival kit - information on financial, mental, physical and spiritual health
  • Purchase PPE
  • Daily living basics due to virus - food, baby formula, diapers, medications not covered
  • Events for children to talk about the pandemic and how they are dealing
  • Essential daily necessities often not provided in food pantries: feminine products, toilet paper, toothbrushes/paste, shoes, underpants and socks.
  • Other
COVID-19 related outreach, educational, and event promotion campaigns to better inform and activate the community (This priority can be supporting all of the above)
Example projects/strategies:
  • Posters and flyers
  • Commercials about purpose/value of vaccine
  • Marketing the vaccine
  • Material costs for posters, door hangers, stickers, lanyards, or other materials for community outreach
  • Social media ads 
  • Includes: supermarkets, pharmacies etc…
  • Other