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Day 2 Concurrent Session - Immigrant Justice: Drive PA Forward Coalition

Driving is essential in our everyday life, and yet it remains a privilege not accessible for 170,000 undocumented immigrants in Pennsylavnia. Join us for a panel discussion highlighting the work of Woori Center and Driving PA Forward Coalition, the grassroots efforts and collaborative community work that advocates for legislation to expand drivers licenses for all, regardless of immigration status.
Luis Larin, the Driving PA Forward Coalition Coordinator, will present on how the Coalition is advancing the proposed legislation, while two impacted community members share their stories and what it means to have a driver’s license. Patty Kim, PA State Representative representing District 103, will discuss the benefits the legislation can bring about for everyone in Pennsylvania. The panelists then discuss what others can do to support these efforts.
The session is moderated by Mel Lee, Executive Director of Woori Center, a Montgomery County-based grassroot organization that organizes Korean and Asian Americans toward social, racial and economic justice.

Date & Time: 
Wednesday, December 9, 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm EST