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Day 2 Concurrent Session - Philanthropic-Private Partnerships: New Models for Delivering Impact through Technology

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created new challenges for our sector, but it has also brought perennial problems to the forefront.  Two areas loom large:  How do we help nonprofits build capacity around digital engagement, particularly at a time when in-person activity is limited, so they can build relationships with current and potential supporters?  How can nonprofits and foundations assess the impact of their efforts beyond their own organizations and build momentum toward moving the needle on recalcitrant problems on a citywide, regional, or state level?  How can philanthropic dollars be coordinated to target specific outcomes and how can that collective impact be measured?  These topics were difficult to address before the pandemic; sporadic and piecemeal efforts have only chipped away at the issue.  In both cases, what is needed are more systemic and sustained efforts positioned outside of one or two organizations to make lasting change.

New models are emerging to meet this need—and they originate outside of philanthropy within the for-profit social sector and center around the use of technology.  Join moderators Monique Curry-Mims, Principal and Founder of Civic Capital Consulting and CEO of Empact Data Solutions and Marcus Iannozzi, Principal and Founder of Message Agency and Digital Impact Greenhouse, for an interactive discussion of emerging platforms for delivering and measuring impact and digital engagement. These technology tools have the potential to drive social change by intentionally building organizational capacity.

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Date & Time: 
Wednesday, December 9, 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm EST