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Day 3 Concurrent Session - Equitable Grantmaking Is A Thing? How Using Demographic Data Can Help

As the sector grapples with improving its record on inclusion and racial equity, the question of what exactly the record shows about philanthropy’s reach into specific communities emerges. After all, how can we work toward a more equitable sector if we don’t have a starting point of data to use as a benchmark to track progress and inform our impact? Join this learning session to hear about field-wide collaborative efforts to strengthen the systems for collecting demographic data effectively at both the organizational and program level to advance equity in grantmaking.

  • Learn about field-wide collaborative efforts to strengthen the systems and tools to effectively collect and analyze demographic data;
  • Learn about the myths and barriers that keep grantmakers and nonprofits from collecting and acting on this information and how legitimate challenges with collecting this data are being solved;
  • Learn about specific tools to help streamline demographic data collection while reducing the burden on nonprofits.

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Date & Time: 
Thursday, December 10, 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm EST