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Day 3 Concurrent Session - Looking Back to Move Forward: Understanding How Use of An Evaluation of Past Practices Can Create Equity

WOMEN'S WAY and Strategy Arts collaborated to create the racial Equity Audit tool to evaluate whether current practices perpetuate inequities and to spur intentional action to incorporate racial equity in policies and practices. The process also supported planning of implementing actions and strategies over short-term and long-term periods that center racial equity, lived experience expertise, and reprioritize cultural norms that stem from white supremacist notions and culture. Key to developing the Equity Audit was engaging lived experience experts in designing the tool and facilitating the audit. By centering the lived experience expertise of women of color, the process ensured that not only was the tool effective at creating systems change, but that racial equity was core to the process of innovating it. This presentation will model how funders and others can hold themselves accountable to racial equity that creates systems-level change by centering the perspectives, ideas and experiences of those impacted by the issues at hand and using tools to evaluate progress and support action.

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Date & Time: 
Thursday, December 10, 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm EST