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CLOSING SESSION | Envisioning the Future - featuring A Conversation with Vilas Dhar, Patrick J. McGovern Foundation and Closing Keynote from Vanessa Daniel, Groundswell Fund

We’ll bring our event to a close with remarks from two dynamic leaders about what lies ahead, the urgency of this moment, and what action it will take from each of us to create the future we want.

A Conversation with Vilas Dhar

The past year accelerated the role of technology in all of our lives and that includes philanthropy. Artificial intelligence (AI) and data solutions can help to create a thriving, equitable, and sustainable future for all and level the playing field.

Is our courage meeting the moment? with Vanessa Daniel

What does effective philanthropy look like in apocalyptic times? With limited time on the clock of the planet and no guarantee that some future generation will have the time to act where we hesitated, be bold where we were timid, what is the charge of women's funds in this moment? How do we act boldly and effectively to help movements realize the promise of Democracy in the U.S. and protect the planet?

Date & Time: 
Friday, October 8, 2021
11:35am - 1:00pm EDT