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Label, but not disable
Led by Yvonne Hughes, Deputy Administrator at Its Not Your Fault and LeBrian Brown, Manager, Network Organizing, Knowledge & Engagement at Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia

Join Yvonne Hughes, Deputy Administrator at Its Not Your Fault, for a conversation about how people with disabilities are underserved and overlooked in Philadelphia, from the jobs made available to what critical resources are funded, and what her and other advocates are doing to better support the community. The first part of the session will feature an interview with Yvonne about her life and work. We will then move into an open conversation in which participants can share their own questions and ideas for improving the quality of life for people with disabilities in the region.

Promoting Access to High Quality, Evidence-Based Trauma-Focused Treatment for Sexually Abused Children and Their Families
Led by Vickie Melvin, Director of Programs, Practice and Quality Improvement Philadelphia Children’s Alliance

This session will cover the landscape of effective trauma therapy for children across the city who have been sexually abused, and how the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance is creating change. Their model is dedicated to promoting healing and justice for children who have been sexually abused and has been proven successful at mitigating racial stratification. Join to learn more about the challenges they have faced, what they are considering for the future, and lessons for providing equitable access to services. The session will conclude with an open discussion of how we can even the playing field to better address the needs of our most vulnerable families.

Discovering Your Philanthropic Priorities
Led by Evan Linhardt, Vice President, Private Wealth Management, Bernstein Private Wealth Management and Jennifer R. Ostberg,  Associate Director, Bernstein Wealth Strategies Group

Is your whole family or organization aligned on how to make an impact? Being clear on your philanthropic priorities amplifies your impact, clarifies your decision making, and brings structure to your mission so more voices are heard at the table. Many of us assume we know our philanthropic priorities without taking the time to articulate or prioritize them. The purpose of this interactive exercise is to help you reflect and prioritize your philanthropy in a simple and accessible way that you can bring to your family or organization.

Lessons Learned: Collecting DEI Data 
Led by Catalina Spinel, Director of Partnerships - Northeast, Candid and Brian Schultz, Director of Partnerships, Candid

In this session, Candid will share its experience collecting DEI data through GuideStar profiles and present an overview of what its data reveals about the social sector in Pennsylvania. This interactive session will engage participants to reflect and share their experiences, the opportunities, and the challenges of collecting and using DEI data.

Date & Time: 
Wednesday, October 6, 2021
10:20am - 11:00am EDT