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Centering Racial Equity in Measurement and Evaluation

Hosting Organization: 
World Bank Group and the Urban Institute
Wednesday, July 21, 2021 2:30pm EDT
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Many nonprofit organizations that provide direct human services are exploring how performance measurement racial equity and inclusion (REI) collectively inform decision-making and strategies that affect an organization’s core mission. Human services nonprofits are often explicitly charged with improving the well-being of people who have been disempowered, disadvantaged, and systematically oppressed. Starting from this mission orientation, such organizations can benefit from guidance on operationalizing racial equity values within their measurement and evaluation work and on acknowledging the systemic barriers that influence client outcomes. 

Join Measure4Change for a virtual event with experts from the nonprofit sector centering REI in their organizations’ measurement and evaluation processes. They will share their insights, challenges, and strategies for integrating both performance measurement and REI in nonprofits and highlight emerging lessons captured in Measure4Change’s newest brief, Centering Racial Equity in Measurement and Evaluation: Emerging Lessons and Guidance from Human Service Nonprofits.


  • Lindsey Buss, Senior External Affairs Officer, Community Outreach, World Bank Group
  • Leiha Edmonds, Research Associate, Urban Institute 
  • Stephanie Leonetti, Vice President of Talent Management, Community of Hope
  • Clair Minson, Founder and Principal Consultant, Sandra Grace LLC
  • Winston Phillip, President, Sequivalent LLC
  • Brett Theodos, Senior Fellow, Urban Institute
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