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Community of Practice - Third Meeting

Hosting Organization: 
HealthSpark Foundation
Thursday, September 6, 2018
9:30am - 12:30pm EDT
Blue Bell, PA
Normandy Farm Hotel and Conference Center | 1401 Morris Road | Grand Ballroom, 1st Floor | Blue Bell, PA 19422
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HealthSpark Foundation is supporting a 10-year effort to enhance the long-term resiliency and quality of safety net services in Montgomery County. Informed by numerous key informant interviews, focus groups and two crowdsourcing events, this initiative was officially launched at its March 12th Community of Practice meeting.

The Community of Practice is a cumulative effort for the first phase of this initiative to have a countywide dialogue about the future of our safety net system.

Since March, more than 50 safety net providers in Montgomery County have been working on at least one of four Design Teams in the areas of Public-Private Collaboration, No Wrong Door Consumer Access, Data Sharing & Systems Integration and Advocacy & Communications. Each Design Team meets monthly, and through a facilitated process is developing projects or areas of research to improve the safety net system.

At the June 4, 2018 Community of Practice meeting, Design Team members presented their initial ideas to more than 160 attendees for feedback and ideas for improvement. Design Teams have been incorporating that feedback to refine their ideas for final presentations at this third Community of Practice meeting. HealthSpark anticipates funding several of the projects developed by the Design Teams as the first phase of implementation in this 10-year effort.

Participants can expect another interactive idea-sharing event. Come and connect with others, learn about emerging ideas and voice your opinion on how to strengthen the county’s safety net!


- Connect with others working to strengthen the safety net system

- Learn about emerging ideas to make the safety net system more resilient

- Give us your ideas to shape investments in this initiative

Attendees will include residents, community and faith leaders, municipal and county officials, representatives from police departments and school districts, nonprofit leaders and others interested in building the long-term resiliency of the county’s health and human service safety net system. Participants will learn about the continued evolution of the foundation’s initiative and the innovative ideas of the Design Teams, and engage in conversation to shape the ideas.

How to Register/RSVP: 

To register, click hereTo ensure as many organizations as possible may attend, organizations may only send a maximum of two representatives. Additionally, organizations may invite one or two consumers to attend as well.