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Did it Work? Applying Education Research to Inform Practice

Hosting Organization: 
Philadelphia Education Fund
Thursday, February 1, 2018
7:45am - 10:00am EST
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Education Fund | 1709 Benjamin Franklin Parkway | First Floor Conference Rooms | Philadelphia, PA 19103
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When it comes to education, "Did it work?" is often the toughest question to answer.

How do we know whether our literacy program is really driving results for students? Is our teacher professional development program helping improve academic performance in the classroom? Can we be certain that our program is really delivering the impact we most want?

We try and answer tough questions through data and through research. But what are we to do in a city where student data can be hard to access and research can be difficult to conduct?

Attend this January's Education First Compact where you will be joined by a panel of experts who are working to address these challenges in Philadelphia.

Learn of efforts at the School District of Philadelphia to streamline data access and to support research efforts. And, hear from researchers who are helping to bridge the distance between education research and education practice.


Dr. Ruth Neild
Director, Philadelphia Education Research Consortium
Research for Action

Dr. Janine T. Remillard
Associate Professor of Education
Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Division
Graduate School of Education
University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Tonya Wolford
Chief of Evaluation, Research and Accountability
School District of Philadelphia


Dr. Nancy Peter
Director, McKinney Center for STEM Education
Philadelphia Education Fund

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  • If you registered for the January Compact but cannot attend on February 1, please email Nancy Peter at [email protected].
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