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Giving With the Heart and the Mind – Achieving Impact Through an Intentional Empathetic Strategy

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Stanford Social Innovation Review
Wednesday, September 18, 2019
2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT
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Many popular approaches to philanthropy prioritize measurement and maximizing charitable impact when making decisions about where monies should be invested. But, should all charitable decision-making be driven solely by data and analytics? Is there still room for emotion in modern philanthropy?

In this complimentary SSIRLive! program, Kim Laughton, president of Schwab Charitable and Tricia Raikes, co-founder of the Raikes Foundation will discuss how combining passion with strategy can help maximize charitable impact. The speakers will discuss their evolving approaches to effective social change based on experiential learnings and collaboration.

As part of this discussion, Kim and Tricia will address various questions, including:

  • How can donors begin the process of shifting the pull on their heart strings into the change they want to see in the world?
  • What are best practices for how donors can determine their philanthropic approach?
  • When and how might donors involve others (collaboration, engage with organization leaders, with recipient communities)?
  • Which types of assets make the most tax-effective donations, and by doing so, increase the total resources available to bring to bear on an issue?
  • How can giving vehicles be combined to help philanthropists meet their charitable goals more effectively?

In their presentation, Kim and Tricia will explore other critical facets of philanthropy, like the benefit of community involvement for scaling, as well as other effective and thoughtful approaches to matching financial objectives with philanthropic goals.

The program is designed for high-capacity funders, philanthropy professionals and practitioners who wish to support the causes that are most important to them in the most efficient and effective manner. All attendees will leave the SSIRLive! webinar with inspiration and practical strategies for maximizing charitable impact.

This second webinar is part of “Giving With Impact”– an online series of podcasts and webinars, produced with support from Schwab Charitable, designed to engage the philanthropic sector in a discussion around maximizing charitable impact. The series will create an ongoing collaborative space for leading voices from across the philanthropic ecosystem to engage in both aspirational and practical conversations around relevant topics at the heart of achieving more effective philanthropy.

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