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Racial Equity: Changing Power Dynamics in Philanthropy-Session 1

Hosting Organization: 
Funders Committee for Civic Participation
Monday, June 10, 2019
3:00pm - 4:15pm EDT
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Presented by the Funders Committee for Civic Participation (FCCP) and co-sponsored by Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia

In recent years, our understanding of centering racial equity throughout our efforts in areas from organizing and structural reforms to money in politics has evolved.  Yet, there is always work to be done. To further its prioritization of racial equity, FCCP continually examines these dynamics and practices in connection to power sharing throughout different grantmaking practices.    

FCCP is excited to bring you a learning series that will look at different integrations of racial equity, such as changes in practices after the 2016 elections, stand alone vs. integrated approaches to this work, and how we can change grantmaking strategies for the better.  

June Discussion: Power Sharing Among Grantees and Funders

The learning series will kick off on Monday, June 10 with a conversation that starts with philanthropy tackling the realities of racism strategically, and connects these threads to our present day grantmaking practices with Lori Villarosa of Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity (PRE).  As individuals pushing philanthropy to do better, Jennifer Epps-Addison with The Center for Popular Democracy, Dana Kawaoka-Chen with Justice Funders, Dimple Abichandani with General Service Foundation, and Farhad Ebrahimi with Chorus Foundation will scrutinize power sharing and grantmaking strategies that can change who and what we’re supporting — and how.

The July 8 discussion will interrogate how evaluation frameworks can perpetuate or improve power dynamics between grantees and grantmakers, and the August 5 program will focus on a case study, such as the intended and unintended consequences that funders can have on movement building.

This series is offered free of charge thanks to FCCP members’ financial support. It is open to funders and philanthropic advisors only.