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Reimagining Philanthropy for the 21st Century: Tech, Trust-Based Philanthropy & Modern Grantmaking

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Foundation Source
Thursday, June 15, 2023
1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT
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Traditional philanthropic practices -- often involving top-down decision making and a culture of compliance -- have failed to advance nonprofits' potential for impact and innovation. A more effective and impactful approach to giving is possible when funders and donors approach their grantee relationships with transparency, mutual learning, and operational efficiency. How do philanthropists put these into practice? Join this session to hear about practical ways to start making meaningful changes.

Covered during this session will be:

  • Trust-Based Philanthropy values and practices
  • The Modern Grantmaking movement
  • Adding transparency to giving
  • Opening the giving dialogue more broadly
  • Leading from the middle
  • Tech innovation
  • How to take steps toward operationalizing trust-based practices


  • Gemma Bull, Director, Modern Grantmaking
  • Shaady Salehi, Executive Director, Trust-Based Philanthropy Project
  • Steve Aponte, Vice President of Product & Strategy, Foundation Source
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