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SOCAP 365: Investing To End Poverty

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SOCAP 365, ImpactPHL, FS Investments, Investors Circle Social Venture Network
Wednesday, October 10, 2018
6:00pm - 9:00pm EDT
Philadelphia PA
FS Investments, 201 Rouse Blvd, Philadelphia PA
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Amidst a Super Bowl championship, a broad sense of economic revival, and a burgeoning impact scene, Philadelphia remains the poorest big city in America.  A full quarter of the population is living below the official poverty line and half of those families are living in deep poverty, with annual income of less than $12,000 (ref). With such a pervasive problem, it is clear that strategic, layered solutions across multiple sectors are needed to address root causes and build new pathways forward.

Where are the opportunities to spur economic growth and simultaneously improve economic mobility for diverse residents and communities across the region? How can business, finance, and the “impact economy” address historic inequities and help tackle the root problems of systemic inequality? What can we learn from allies working across sectors in sustainable housing, workforce development, and grassroots organizing to collectively build a more equal and prosperous society? 

Join us for an evening with leading practitioners, peers, and allies in the field. The one-hour panel will be followed by drinks & networking.

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