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Awards Celebrate Our Region's Social Innovators

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Greater Philadelphia SIJ Awards honors our region’s most passionate social innovators, entrepreneurs and changemakers whose work and social impact too often goes unacknowledged, yet their efforts are what makes our communities across Greater Philadelphia the thriving region of innovation and opportunity they are for all people.

The theme of the 2019 awards, "Innovating Ideas, Revolutionizing Realities," recognizes organic leadership re-envisioning the challenges communities face and finding solutions by innovating ideas to reshape communities through innovated programs, policies, and disrupting the political landscape to revolutionize realities to bring us all forward to a more equitable and inclusive tomorrow -- today. SIJ’s leaders believe the 2019 Awards’ theme symbolizes that the success of the social sector depends upon us embracing both tried-and-true traditional practices while stepping out of the box to grow these ideas into new innovative practices.

The awards celebrated innovations in the categories of: Philanthropy, Out-of-the-Box Social Investors, Social Ventures, Higher Education, Parent Engagement, Anti-Violence, After School Programming, Racial Equity & Social Justice, Gender Equality, Community Behavioral Health, Housing & Community Development, Small Business Development, Healthcare, School Collaboration, Arts & Culture, Social Enterprise Intermediary, Workforce Development, Health Food Access, Healthy Communities, Systems Change, and Law & Policy.

CLICK HERE to see all the nominees and winners.

Philanthropy Network members among the winners were:

1st Place - Independence Blue Cross Foundation; 2nd Place - Union Benevolent Association; 3rd Place - Claneil Foundation

Out of the Box Social Investors
 2nd Place- The Merchants Fund; 3rd Place -Patricia Kind Family Foundation

Law & Policy
1st Place - Jessica Hilburn-Holmes, Esq., Philadelphia Bar Foundation