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Beech launches resources directory to support families, individuals and communities

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

PHILADELPHIA, August 3, 2020 -- In celebration of its 30th Anniversary in service to the community, the Beech Companies, Inc., through Beech Community Services, has published an online, digital community resources directory in an effort to identify local, regional and national resources that can help uplift and improve the quality of life for families, individuals and communities in the Philadelphia region. The directory was produced in partnership with Progressive Images Marketing Communications.

“This directory is especially important to those in need during the current pandemic crisis and this unique time in our nation’s history,” said Beech CEO/President Dr. Keneth Scott. “The resources in this directory can be accessed from organizations, programs and digital data that provide valuable information on a variety of subjects. It includes detailed descriptions of programs and services from local, regional and national sources that are just a click away when you need them.”

Included is the civics, government & leadership section that provides a link to information on the three branches of government. “Most people don’t know what the three branches of government are and what they do, since civics is no longer taught in school,” explained Scott. “This section also includes links to federal, state and local officials, which is very important at this time.”

Other sections in the directory include healthcare, law & justice, housing & homelessness, food insecurity, education, violence prevention & domestic abuse, disaster preparedness, employment & training, reentry, families & youth, seniors, veterans, business & commerce, arts & culture and more.

Some of the more unique resources in the directory include a database of all academic programs offered by the 107 HBCUs, the Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access, the digital Slave Narratives collection, a digital collection of Trans-Atlantic and Intra-American slave trade databases, and the Library of Congress Digital Collection.

Of course, the directory includes information on Beech Community Services, Beech Busines Bank and its services, including a link to the COVID-19 Relief Pennsylvania Statewide Small Business Assistance Program.

“Beech Community Services is always here to help and urges each of you to take charge of your community,” said Christine Brown, its director. “The directory provides information to help people do just that. Hopefully, the information in our community resources directory will educate and inspire you to take charge of your lives!”

Established in 2006, Beech Community Services serves as a liaison between the residents and business owners of the Cecil B. Moore community and works to strengthen, enhance and improve the quality of life for the residents of North Philadelphia, with the ultimate goal of empowerment and self-sustainability.

“Much thanks to Progressive Images Marketing Communications for partnering with us to compile and produce this outstanding, one of a kind directory on our behalf,” Scott said. “Supporting Black families and communities will continue to be our mission for another 30 years and beyond. Following the tradition of Floyd

W. Alston, our first president, Beech always strives to inform, educate and empower!”

Founded by Dr. Bernard C. Watson and the late Floyd W. Alston in 1990, The Beech Companies has successfully used the concept of social enterprise to reimagine and revitalize disadvantaged communities in Philadelphia by utilizing business principles and strategies to solve social problems with the ultimate goal of empowerment and self-sustainability. Located on Cecil B. Moore Avenue in the heart of North Central Philadelphia, it has leveraged over $2 billion in community reinvestment funds in North Philadelphia communities through the four primary organizations under its operation: Beech Interplex, Inc., Beech Business Bank, Beech Community Services and the Alston Beech Foundation.

To access the Beech Community Resources Directory visit