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Brandywine Health and Housing Center Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Friday, May 4, 2018

Via Coatesville Today | Posted by: Ken Knickerbocker

Pictured: Former Brandywine Health Foundation CEO Frances Sheehan (l) joins the Foundation's current CEO Vanessa Briggs at the podium to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Brandywine Health and Housing Center opening in Coatesville.

Ten years ago, the opening of the Brandywine Health and Housing Center changed the healthcare landscape in the greater Coatesville area. A decade later, more than 20,000 people have walked though its doors.

On Wednesday night, 60-plus donors, stakeholders, public officials, and residents celebrated the 10th anniversary of this landmark that has helped to improve the health of the greater Coatesville area.

“This is one of the most concrete examples of the impact BHF has had, thanks to our donors, our volunteers, our grantees, and our community partners,” said Vanessa Briggs, President and CEO of the Brandywine Health Foundation.

“Our community has benefited greatly from this medical home, which provides integrated, quality, and affordable primary, dental, and behavioral health services. It also provides our seniors with a beautiful and affordable place to live.”

The Brandywine Health and Housing Center, which opened its doors in April 2008, was the first major construction project in the City of Coatesville in more than four decades and the first major accomplishment for the Brandywine Health Foundation.

The Brandywine Health Foundation pulled together more than $13 million in public and private funds to build the Brandywine Center, exemplifying its commitment to improving the City of Coatesville and investing in its economic future by supporting first-rate facilities and services for all, particularly the underserved.

Serving the uninsured and underserved in the greater Coatesville area, the Brandywine Center is an invaluable source of health and housing services for low-income residents in the community.

The center brought together several vital health and social services under one roof, including ChesPenn Health Services and Community Dental on the first floor and the Child Guidance Resource Centers and Human Services Inc. on the fourth floor. The second and third floors provide 24 quality apartments for low-income seniors, addressing the need for quality, affordable housing in the community.

The location in the center of town made it easy for all residents in the area to access the facility.

Today, ChesPenn Health Services, which merged serval years ago with Community Dental, is the only Federally Qualified Health Center in Chester County. The co-location with two behavioral health provider agencies facilitates cross-referrals, so that patients may easily receive integrated care and have a true medical home.

Child Guidance Resource Centers and Human Services Inc. remain valuable and affordable sources of behavioral health services for the community and have recently strengthened their connection with the Coatesville Area School District thanks to the Foundation’s Youth Mental Health First Aid Program.