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The City of Philadelphia Announces the 5th Cohort for the Targeted Community Investment Grant Program

Thursday, July 14, 2022

PHILADELPHIA— The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Policy and Strategic Initiatives for Criminal Justice & Public Safety (CJPS) today announced the 5th Cohort of Targeted Community Investment Grants (TCIG). 46 grantees with grants ranging from $1,200 - $50,000 invested in community organizations combating gun violence in their communities. Of the 46 grantees, 38 have never received a TCIG grant before. The grant cohort will run from Summer July - September of 2022. Microgrants (ranging from $1,500- $12,000) were the priority for this round of funding. 

Established in 2019, the Targeted Community Investment Grant program funds community-based violence prevention programs and activities that improve public safety, increase opportunities for self-development and care, and build a stronger sense of community throughout neighborhoods most impacted by gun violence.

TCIG grantees have trauma-informed approaches to gun violence, build resiliency in their communities, mediate conflicts, and promote social or economic empowerment.

“The City is always excited to see who our grantees will be in a TCIG cohort, because this program is such a critical component of our violence prevention and intervention strategy” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “Our administration continues to do everything we can to stem the rising tide of gun violence in our communities, and we look to our community partners to support us in these efforts. There is no one better positioned to do the vital work of creating safe and thriving communities than community organizations that have been on the ground for years now. The TCIG program allows us to support these efforts.” 

In order to better support agencies who are selected for Targeted Community Investment Grants, the City updated its payment process. Funding for grantees is conducted in the following ways: 

  • Funding is split into three payments, with the first payment distributed at the beginning of the cohort. Grantees will receive remaining two payments throughout the remainder of the cohort, with the submission of the appropriate paperwork. 
  • Forms for grant disbursement will be easier for grantees to complete and submit. 

“As a recipient of the TCIG grant in Cohort 4, I have to say it enabled us to open some doors to young people that may not have been open,” said Geanna Williams-Davis, CEO of grantee Positive Choices, “We were able to bring workshops to the children to learn about various areas of entrepreneurship, go on trips, or go to the theater. Most of all the most important part was building new trust with them, building their self esteem. They made new friends and built on the ones they already had. We also educated them on what it takes to avoid conflict and how to engage in conflict resolution.” 

The Targeted Community Investment Grant 5th Cohort began orientation for programming Monday July 11, 2022, and programming will begin July 25, 2022.