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Compass and the Greater Philadelphia Nonprofit Repositioning Fund Create Partnership to Support Nonprofits Considering Sustained Collaboration

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Philadelphia, March 4, 2021 – Compass, a leader in providing strategic guidance to strengthen nonprofits, and the Greater Philadelphia Nonprofit Repositioning Fund (“the Repositioning Fund”), a regional effort that encourages and supports collaboration between and among nonprofit organizations, have entered into a partnership to support nonprofits considering sustained alliances.

Through the strengths of both organizations, this partnership will have considerable impact in the Philadelphia community. It will:

  • Leverage local talent and extend the Repositioning Fund’s resources to support more prospective nonprofit collaborations at this time of rising demand
  • Build nonprofit sustainability and increase community impact
  • Provide a deeper bench of seasoned technical assistance providers to support the exploration, planning, and execution of nonprofit sustained collaborations 
  • Advance Compass’ work to harness the expertise of and engage local business professionals seeking to support the region’s nonprofits through skills-based volunteering
  • Provide access to pre-exploratory and post-implementation services that have previously been unavailable through the Fund

“Compass is thrilled to partner with the Nonprofit Repositioning Fund. It’s a relationship that makes sense – with our joint missions, our Philadelphia community stands to gain exponentially,” says Beth Dahle, Executive Director of Compass Philadelphia.

Nadya K. Shmavonian, Director of the Nonprofit Repositioning Fund and Partner at SeaChange Capital Partners comments, “To further extend the provision of wise and experienced technical assistance to nonprofits exploring collaborative opportunities in our community has been an ongoing and vital goal of the Fund.  We have had the benefit of extensive relationships with technical assistance providers in the region in our first five years of operation, but our partnership with Compass and its pro bono network allows us to extend our reach, resources, and offerings even further.”

The Repositioning Fund will continue to financially support the services of qualified consultants identified by nonprofits pursuing sustained collaborations, but will now be able to offer nonprofits the opportunity to obtain assistance from Compass. Compass will connect interested nonprofits to a pro bono project team through its On Demand program. Compass will manage the highly experienced business professionals who will support the potential sustained collaborations, working in close partnership with the Repositioning Fund.


About Compass
Compass believes nonprofits are the backbone of strong and vibrant communities and knows many are overstretched and under-resourced. Few can afford top-tier consulting firms. Compass has dedicated employees in Chicago, Greater Philadelphia, and Greater Washington, and has been providing pro bono professional consulting services to nonprofit organizations since 2001. To date, Compass has connected more than 3,500 business professionals with nonprofits to complete 875 projects, providing over $91 million in pro bono consulting services. In addition, Compass has placed 165 professionals onto 104 nonprofit boards. For more information, visit us at

About the Repositioning Fund
In response to requests from the Greater Philadelphia region’s nonprofits, a consortium of funders launched the Repositioning Fund  in October 2015. The mission of the Fund is to support long-term strategic alliances and collaborations to build organizational sustainability and improve program and service delivery across the 5-County Greater Philadelphia region. The Repositioning Fund believes that in a rapidly changing environment for the region’s nonprofits, sustained collaboration can be an effective strategic option to enhance performance for two or more organizations – where the resulting whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. The Fund recognizes that nonprofits need access to a confidential and safe space in which to both explore and implement wise collaborations. As a neutral, credible, experienced party willing to invest time and grant money, the Fund works with the funders, boards, and leaders of nonprofit organizations that are considering sustained collaborations. The Fund does not take fees or payments of any kind from the parties to a given collaboration, nor does it work on behalf of any single party except in the rare case of a dissolution.



Beth Dahle
Executive Director, Compass Philadelphia

Nadya K. Shmavonian
Director, Nonprofit Repositioning Fund