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The Douty Foundation announces final, ‘Legacy’ grants totaling $2.2 million as its sunset plan is complete

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

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PHILADELPHIA - Today, The Douty Foundation, a private foundation supporting grassroots organizations and movements in making social change, announced that its sunset plan has been approved by the Orphan’s Court of Delaware County and that it can now spend out its remaining assets.

In addition to its $2.1 million in multi-year grant obligations as a part of its 2019 and 2020 grantmaking, the foundation will provide $1.2 million across 9 organizations in ‘Legacy’ grants along with approximately $1 million to The Bread & Roses Community Fund.

The grants are the manifestation of the Douty Foundation’s July 2020 sunset announcement and its commitment to support work that centers on equity and amplifies the voices of those most impacted by inequitable systems. As a result of its own internal planning coupled with the injustices exposed throughout 2020, the foundation determined that now is the time to put 100% of its resources into the hands of the communities that are at the heart of this work.

“The organizations selected for our Legacy grants are among the most effective grassroots groups and movements in our region that are meeting the challenges and opportunities in advocating for racial, economic and gender justice.” said Jennifer Leith, Director of The Douty Foundation. “We are so proud to know that our funds will help build muscle and contribute to work that will have the potential to be transformative.”

Casey Cook of Bread & Roses Community Fund, a recipient of Douty’s assets, states that “for 50 years, the Douty Foundation and Bread & Roses Community Fund have been sibling organizations funding grassroots groups working for change in the Philadelphia region, and we have always enjoyed a strong relationship.  The decision their leadership made to sunset at the end of 2021 was courageous. Bread & Roses shifts power and resources to people most affected by oppression, so I have great respect for their Douty’s choice to use their money and power to accelerate change. We were honored to learn that the Douty Foundation is trusting Bread & Roses with the generous gift of their remaining assets.  It will be one of the largest gifts our grassroots organization has ever received, and we will use it to deepen our support for community organizing for racial, social, and economic justice in the Philadelphia region.  We are honored to be part of the Douty Foundation’s legacy going forward.”

Legacy Grants: 

To view the foundation’s list of multi-year core grantees, visit

The Douty Foundation was established in 1968 as a small foundation to fund and fuel grassroots, community-driven opportunities and aspirations for social change. The Douty Foundation has provided general operating and program support grants to such organizations in Montgomery and Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania.