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Hale Street Explosion Committee to Connect Residents with Resources

Thursday, June 9, 2022


POTTSTOWN, June 8, 2022—A committee of community stakeholders has formed to help connect those impacted by the Pottstown Hale Street explosion with community resources and support funds.

The Pottstown Explosion Support Fund has currently raised over $47,000 to help meet the basic needs of affected residents, provide housing in the near term, and assist with long-term recovery. To make a donation and learn more about the fund, please visit Checks may be mailed to TriCounty Community Network’s office at 724 N. Adams Street, #203, Pottstown, PA 19464, with Pottstown Explosion Support Fund in the memo line.

The committee includes representatives from TriCounty Community Network, Pottstown School District, Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation, Genesis Housing, and Pottstown NAACP. Pottstown Mayor Stephanie Henrick and State Rep. Joe Ciresi are also on the committee, which is led by Josh Park, of Branch Life Church, who has experience providing leadership in the local response to the Ashwood Fire and Hurricane Ida. In addition to fund distribution and support roles, the committee is working closely with residents, multiple agencies, and local officials to ensure open dialogue and multiple levels of on-the-ground assistance.

100% of funds will be distributed to families that have been directly affected by the explosion. Fund decisions will be directed by committee members who reside in the Borough with prioritization of housing for those who have been displaced. An initial distribution of funds will begin this week to the eight known families that have been displaced.

As committee members work to quantify needs in order to ensure equitable distribution of funds, they appreciate all the support to date and encourage the community to consider supporting. Gift cards are appreciated, and agencies can adopt a family to provide basic needs support, such as toiletries and food, as they emerge in the weeks ahead.

A contact has been established for those impacted to receive more information as well as those interested in supporting victims of the explosion. For more information, email or call 484-247-4688. Mental Health support is available from Creative Health Services at 484-941-0500; Creative Health has been on the ground providing counseling since the day of the tragic event. In both cases, mention Pottstown Explosion Support.

Other fundraising efforts continue as well, including a Pottstown School District fund that has raised $16,240 from 126 donors. Proceeds will primarily benefit the family that experienced tragic loss of life in the explosion.

A meeting with the Pottstown Ministerium took place on Wednesday, June 8, and the Pottstown Explosion Support Fund committee will continue to meet on a weekly basis to provide oversight of fund distribution and ensure there is a long-term case management plan in place for the community.

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Fund Supports Those Affected by Pottstown Explosion

TriCounty Community Network, in cooperation with Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation, is collecting community donations to help those affected by the house explosion on Thursday, May 26.

Donations may be made online at Checks may be mailed to TriCounty Community Network’s office at 724 N. Adams Street, #203, Pottstown, PA 19464, with Pottstown Explosion Support Fund in the memo line.

With five community members killed, two injured, and dozens displaced by the blast, the need to provide support to ensure our neighbors are safe and secure will extend into the weeks and months ahead. 

"We mourn the tragic loss of life in the Pottstown community and we ask that you remember those people whose homes were damaged and lives destroyed by the explosion," said State Rep. Joe Ciresi. "I am proud to support this fund. These organizations and the people involved have a track record of managing resources during times of crisis."

A committee of community stakeholders will ensure that disbursements from the fund are used for the housing and basic necessities of those directly affected by the explosion, and the committee will provide for long-term case management to ensure families recover from the impacts.  Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation has made an initial gift of $10,000, and the fund committee is grateful for community support in building a resource to meet the evolving needs presented by this tragedy.

TriCounty Community Network will provide all financial reporting and will correspond with donors to provide documentation for tax purposes.

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