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Mayor Kenney Cuts Ribbon at Hancock Playground

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Press Release

PHILADELPHIA - Mayor Kenney alongside Council President Darrell Clarke, Rebuild Executive Director Kira Strong and City Officials today celebrated the completion of a $1.1 million renovation project at Hancock Playground. The Hancock Playground project is made possible by Rebuild, the Kenney Administration’s signature initiative to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in neighborhood parks, recreation centers, and libraries.

“Rebuild is an opportunity to show our communities that their city is invested in them by making critical investments in vital neighborhood spaces,” said Mayor Kenney. “With these new improvements, Hancock Playground is now a space where children and families can safely play and recreate.”

Rebuild has completed over 40 capital projects in neighborhoods across the city to improve neighborhood parks, recreation centers, and libraries. The program currently has work underway at 65 facilities in various neighborhoods, representing over $160 million in committed funds.

“Rebuild is delivering an investment that is long overdue to our city’s neighborhoods,” said Rebuild Executive Director Kira Strong. “We know how important a safe and well designed park, playground or library can be to help neighborhoods thrive.”

Rebuild improvements at Hancock Playground include new playground equipment, new basketball goals, landscaping, additional green space and a touch up of the mural on the recreation building.

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Rebuilding Community Infrastructure (Rebuild) is an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in neighborhood parks, recreation centers and libraries. Proposed in Mayor Jim Kenney’s first budget as a part of his vision for a more equitable Philadelphia, Rebuild seeks to improve pivotal community spaces, empower and engage communities, and promote economic opportunity through diversity and inclusion.  Rebuild is a public private partnership made possible by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax.

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation (PPR) advances the prosperity of the city and the progress of her people through intentional and sustained stewardship of nearly 10,200 acres of public land and waterways as well as through hundreds of safe, stimulating recreation, environmental and cultural centers. PPR promotes the well-being and growth of the city’s residents by connecting them to the natural world around them, to each other and to fun, physical and social opportunities. PPR is responsible for the upkeep of historically significant Philadelphia events and specialty venues, and works collaboratively with communities and organizations in leading capital projects and the introduction of inventive programming. To learn more about Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, visit us at, and follow @philaparkandrec on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram