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Nonprofit Impact Matters: How America’s Charitable Nonprofits Strengthen Communities and Improve Lives

[Report] Nonprofit Impact Matters
Publication date: 
September, 2019

The National Council of Nonprofits has compiled in one convenient spot the latest data on the national scope and impact of charitable nonprofits. The report, Nonprofit Impact Matters, tells the nonprofit story from the nonprofit perspective for a nonprofit audience. The free report can be found on a related microsite that provides easy access to even more information, including valuable state-by-state data.

The report analyzes what the data show in today’s context, identifies challenging trends confronting nonprofits, and offers recommended action steps that those who care about nonprofits can take together to overcome those challenges. Along the way, it busts myths and shares inspiring images and stories of the positive impact that nonprofitsare having on people in local communities every day.

National Council of Nonprofits