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Why Invest

Rebuild is a large public/private effort that provides funders the opportunity to streamline processes and work collectively toward shared goals. Investment opportunities will cover a wide array of interest areas with relevance to funders, including but not limited to arts and culture, economic development, children and youth, health and wellness, education, environment, civic engagement, and many others. Rebuild will also give funders a chance to provide targeted support to particular neighborhoods of interest.  Opportunities will be available for foundations of all sizes and investment capacities.

Take 4-minutes to watch this inspiring video highlighting the impact that improvements to parks, rec centers and libraries made through the Rebuild initiative will have on people and communities throughout the city.

Why should you invest in Rebuild?

To expand your impact:  Rebuild provides a simple and efficient way to be part of a transformative effort for Philadelphia, while directing funds to an aspect of Rebuild that aligns with your foundation’s interests. Oversight and reporting will be streamlined, so donors can see how their funds, when combined with those of others, contribute to a broader collective impact.

To increase your gift: The William Penn Foundation will match $1 for every $2 raised in other philanthropic and public dollars for Rebuild, so your dollars will automatically increase in size when you give. 

To reduce administrative burdens: Making grants through a streamlined process will reduce the administrative burden for nonprofits and donors involved with Rebuild. Multiple accountability mechanisms will ensure that extensive due diligence has been done for you.

Do all of the above with no administrative fees. The William Penn Foundation has agreed to cover all fees related to administration of the newly-established Rebuild Fund. You can be confident that 100% of your dollars will be exclusively directed to your foundation’s area of interest.

Join your peers.

Join these other foundations who have already invested in Rebuild.

William Penn Foundation 
Amount:  $100 million 
Purpose: Contingent on the city’s successful issuance of $300 million in bonds. About $4.8 million dedicated for planning and $20.2 million to help draw in more philanthropic and public funding through a 1:2 match. 

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation 
Amount: $3.2 million over 3 years 
Purpose: To support the City and its nonprofit partners to develop and implement a citywide civic engagement strategy by leveraging Rebuild to have the community lead and participate in the programming and activation of public and civic assets.

The Barra Foundation 
Amount: Special Grant of $250,000 
Purpose: $100,000 in support of laying a firm groundwork for civic engagement in Rebuild by assessing and building the capacity of the volunteer-led Parks’ friends groups. An additional $150,000 will be directed to the pooled fund for community engagement activities. 

Patricia Kind Family Foundation
Amount:  $125,000
Purpose:  To support the community engagement and design process for improvements at Vare Recreation Center.

Scattergood Foundation 
Purpose:  In-kind evaluation expertise to support the Rebuild Team on development of an early stage evaluation framework for Rebuild.