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2020 Census Action Funds

County Action Funds

The Delaware County, Montgomery County and Philly Counts 2020 Census Action Funds were established in partnership with Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia to support county-based organizations working to actively promote participation in the 2020 Census in order to ensure communites receive their fair share of federal dollars and representation in the coming decade. The action funds provided grants to support and empower community-based organizations working to develop the skills and capacity of communities at risk of being undercounted in order to help lay the groundwork for a complete count. Funds were structured to allow for quick decisions and swift disbursement of funding to local organizations.

Action Fund Goals:

  • Increase communication and coordination of work around Census 2020
  • Achieve effective, efficient strategies and increased philanthropic investments
  • Support education, community outreach, regional communications, policy advocacy and other “Get Out the Count” activities
  • Prioritize funding in hard-to-count communities, referring to hard to locate, hard to contact, hard to persuade and hard to interview populations.  

 Action Funds grants supported nonprofits working to:

  • Promote census awareness and completion in a hard to count communities.
  • Alleviate language barriers in promoting census awareness and completion
  • Build trust in communities regarding protected Census data
  • Deevelop unique marketing campaigns designed to encourage Census participation
  • Build organizational capacity through technology and training

Delaware County 2020 Census Action Fund

Established in partnership with The Foundation for Delaware County.

Fourteen grants totaling $58,009 were awarded in January-February 2020.

Applications for the final round of grant fundng are due through the online portal by July 15 at 5:00 PM.

Link to this page for further details.

Montgomery County 2020 Census Action Fund

Established in partnership with MontCo PA Counts 2020. This fund is now closed.

Link to this page to learn about 2020 Census activities in Montgomery County, PA.

Philly Counts 2020 Census Action Fund

Established in partnership with Philly Counts 2020. This fund is now closed.

Between August 2019 and March 2020, the Philly Counts 2020 Action Fund awarded over $738,000 to 83 trusted community-based organizations in support of 88 projects to help ensure a fair and accurate census count for Philadelphia.

For further details, view the Philly Counts 2020 Progress Report or visit Philly Counts 2020 online.


For additional information on any of these funds, please contact Shira Hodges, Vice President, Strategy & Learning.