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Regional COVID-19 Response Dashboard: Findings and Lessons Learned

Tuesday, September 29, 2020
1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT
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From May to July of 2020, the Center for High Impact Philanthropy and Philanthropy Network Greater Philanthropy developed the Regional COVID-19 Response Dashboard. With major support from William Penn Foundation and in collaboration with 13 shared funds launched to address COVID-19, the dashboard reflects more than $40 million in grant awards to 10 counties across Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. It is one of the first efforts we are aware of to collect individual grant award data across multiple funders and visualize grant awards against indicators of community need. In conjunction with a report to be released at the end of September, we’ve planned a series of events to introduce the dashboard and our broad findings.

In this webinar, the team behind the dashboard will share its findings about the region’s philanthropic response to COVID-19. They will also share lessons learned and implications, both for those working in this region, as well as those outside the region who care about effective crisis grantmaking and improved philanthropic practice.

Who should attend:

People who care about data-informed decision-making and improving philanthropic practice, including:

  • Individual donors, foundation leaders, grantmaking institutions and other philanthropic leaders
  • Nonprofits and policymakers concerned about philanthropic response
  • Media

What you’ll hear:

  • Where funding went, to whom, and for what purpose
  • How well giving aligned with community needs
  • Lessons learned and implications, both for those in the region as well as those outside the region interested in crisis-response grantmaking and data-informed decision-making

Download the report:

Charting Impact:Findings from the COVID-19 Dashboard and Lesson for the Road Ahead


Watch the webinar recording

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(Note: The webinar transcript is autogenerated phonetically by voice recognition software.)

COVID dashboard webinar recording